How long before it’s gone?

Was a sad day when I saw my email regarding the closure of my favourite community game. Many of us can totally understand why, but still sad it’s not going to be around.
I have been around since the beginning beta’s and although I haven’t played continuously, I have always been back and forward.

I have loved the game and community for a very long time and made some bloody awesome friends who I still chat to regularly.

Thanks you for everything! Love the game, love the people.

Rev signing out…


Swing by the discord still from time to time Rev! It’s been fun :saluting_face:


Joined 2007, dipped in and out, played some good rounds and some awful rounds, met some real characters

Thanks for keeping it running this long
Good luck to all

Nooo. Is it really ending? I was planning to play this round of Manthano literally FOREVER!