How do science bonuses work

I’m a bit confused. I’m playing Quantam which gives me a 70% research bonus.

I have 767 research centers which with my bonus should give me 767201.7 = 26078. However I’m only making about 28k. However all my planets with research centers have an additional bonus averaging about 45%.

Can someone explain to me how this works because the numbers aren’t adding up for me.

The Guide - Research

Science is vital for the success of your empire. If you fund your scientists well, they will be able to provide you with the technology which will benefit the heart of your society. It is a way that without extra land or planets, you can increase the power, wealth, and economics of your empire; providing you with the ability to aid your allies and destroy your enemies.

Note that science is dependent on the size of your empire, so if you have a large empire you need more science points to get a good % in the different research areas.

There are 2 ways to invest in your science: with cash or with research centers.
Funding research with cash

  • You deposit an amount of GC’s into the research and it cannot be taken back.
  • Every week 10% of the amount of cash you put into the research gets transferred into RP (=ResearchPoint).
  • Every GC adds 1 RP.
  • Research race bonus gets multiplied with the 1 GC meaning a 50% bonus makes 1 GC worth 1,5 RP.

Research centers (RC)

  • Every RC adds 20 RP per tick
  • Research race bonus gets multiplied with the 20 RP meaning a 50% bonus makes 1 RC give 30 RP per tick.
    (20 points/week * (1+Racebonus%/100%))
  • Once you paid the price for the building itself the research generated by them will be free of charge. Meaning you dont get to pay for the amount of points generated each tick.

Note: With 20RP per week and with a base cost of 100GC and 1 endurium research centers pay themselves back in less then 6 weeks.
However overbuilding costs can raise the price of the building.
But upto a certain limit, research centers are more cost effective than putting money into research.

There are 5 categories of Science in Imperial Conflict.
You can set the percentage of points you want to be added to every category yourself.
(Example: from the amount of points you produce you want 25% in Military, 25% in Welfare, 25% in Economy and 25% in Construction)
The categories are:

Category What it does

Military increased attack strength
increased defense strength
Welfare increased population maximum
Economy increased income
Construction cheaper buildings and units
faster building
Resources increased resource income

Note that 100% construction bonus does NOT give you free buildings. The effect of construction bonus has its own formula:
Construction Bonus: Cost = NormalCost/(1+(ConstructionScience%/100%))
Meaning the lowest possible cost of a building or unit is 50% of the base cost (100% bonus).

The bonus you receive from your researched points is not a static one. It depends on your overall networth. This means your bonuses will go down should you forget to research as your empire grows.
There is an exact formula on how NW is related to the research percentage:

Science% = 100 * (1 - exp(-RP / (100 * networth) ) )

Max Research bonus: 100% for all 5 sciences.
Note that 100% science will never be reached in practice.

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Damn @Darrk this is good correct stuff! :smiley: 2 thumbs up!

Yeah, I can cut and paste Master Mike’s / Stefans stuff like a beast.

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Average bonus is not a weighted average.

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The research formula is not complete.
The planetary bonuses are not included in that equation.
Where and how those numbers are calculated makes a difference.

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Thank you Darrk for the spectacular copy and paste job. It must have taken a lot of work. Unfortunately not only have I already seen it but it didn’t answer my question because as it was stated planetary bonuses are not included. Also the average I was using wasn’t the number I used to calculate. What I did was take 1% less than the lowest planet when I was doing my calculations. But a general average would have given a rough estimate. Finally everything works fine, I think the problem was that when I checked, it must have been on the exact turn that my new research centers came in because on the next update it changed and now looks correct.

But on the plus side you did manage to figure out that the research page needs to be updated, so your comment was not 100% useless. :+1:

where is your rc built?

Do you have all RC on dedicated science planets ? or mix?

just by looking at your post, i would think u have a small amount of RC on the rc planets with other infra on them to? or?

Try that