Honour rankings

Just a reminder to people that you can vote vote most honorable and dishonorable empires over on my stats page

Or via the main page

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Ooh yeah a website setup by @You_Fool ranks me last, in honour ratings, how convenient

11* PoshSpice Revalons 644,425 133 1,157,120 -4 4

Hahahaha have a class weekend everyone


Yet this was last rounds and this one’s and voted by player’s


Feel free to vote yourself up… the idea is to get ad many votes as possible which may give a general idea of what is happening… if it is just me and a few others voting then yeah results will be biased


No one’s arsed though are they lad

:man_shrugging: such is life sometimes… I wonder if that has anything to do with the attitude of certain players this round…

Thought you were sCriv, you brits all look alike eh

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It’s the attitude of realising it’s just a game mate :slight_smile: I’m sure we’d all get on great around a beer!

@Ordos234 im much more handsome pal

Can’t wait for your statement to sink in



All pussies!


Currently there have been 34 votes cast, which with just 45 active empires is pretty good!

Don’t forget to cast your vote if you want it to be heard…

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Pretty sure there’s more votes than players now :wink:

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Quit voting so much :man_shrugging:

No I’ve got hair