Hobbies your into 2020 Ediition

Its been about 2 years since this Topic has been brought up, and we have alot of new members so I thought id give it another go.

What are ya’ll up to, do you do anything other then Sitting on Imperial Conflict :smiley:

Recently I got my Amateur Radio Licence (Technician) so HAM Radio became a Hobby for me now, Also i own a bunch of Musical Instruments (Can’t really play any of them ). Computer Gaming, an for work i am a Truck Driver so i guess Traveling would be added as well, but still work. How about ya’ll what Hobbies are you into?


I love tv shows and movies. I also love playing role playing games or adventure games.

My wife is waiting for me to play FF7R :frowning: I better get off my butt off this chair and play it now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dont really have time for hobbies :frowning: haha

I work in IT for a global financial organisation so would have to say IT / Network engineering is a hobby.
Plus, i love music and i DJ Jungle / Drum & Bass / Hardcore so this is a Love and not a hobby haha

Other than that, sports, movies, driving, drinking (obviously not at same time as driving)


jungle is massive. Serial killaz doing a free show every week.

plus Micky Finn did a show https://www.facebook.com/finnpeople/videos/10157921850720950/


MF don’t live too far from me lol

So many live streams going on at the moment what with the Lockdown.

Cant wait for it to be lifted so I can get back on my radio show lol

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Oh nice. Have to tell me how I can listen. I’m just south of London


I have PM’d you :slight_smile:

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Since the whole Corona thing, I picked up competitive Magic: The Gathering again.
I think there are a few more people here into that fantastic game (@MTG_Dad?)


@Hala yep i still play. Mostly on arena. Usually push mid to high diamond every season. Though i have been not playing as much lately, as the formats have not been as much fun.

Whats your favorite format?

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Modern, hands down
Hence also don’t play Arena, standard and historic both kinda suck imo

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During lockdown me and some mates started a football (the proper, english version) podcast where we have a few beers and chat about it. It started as us having a regular Zoom chat and we thought one day… erm shall we record this and get it out to anyone mental enough to have a listen?

So yeah, we are Four Mancs, One Toffee (that means, 4 Manchester United fans and 1 Everton Fan for those of you who don’t know English football). It’s been really cool for me to get stuck into tbh, I am a digital marketing manager in my work-life so to have a project like this where we can basically go crazy in terms of how we promote it on social media etc, plus building the website how I want rather than just how my company likes things… it’s been fun and liberating.

Other than that, I play bass and guitar; I am a rugby player and I love going to lift some heavy pieces of metal up and putting them back down again.

Oh and I love cooking too - if I am not doing any of the above I am watching cooking vids/shows or actually cooking :smiley:


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Can’t find the song I like it’s like la la la la la I dream of la laalala la

This one start of pretty hyper
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Playing games and a lot of them. EU4, CK3, Fifa21, WoW, LoL and lately No Man’s Sky, they really redeemed themselves after the bust that was their initial launch!

Other than that trying to keep busy with watching history channels on youtube to revisit world history.

Some good channels I’d recommend for doing so, on account of being bite-sized, humorous and historically accurate are:

BazBattles (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx-dJoP9hFCBloY9qodykvw)
HistoryMarche (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8MX9ECowgDMTOnFTE8EUJw)
History Matters (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC22BdTgxefuvUivrjesETjg)
Kings and Generals (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMmaBzfCCwZ2KqaBJjkj0fw)

Did knights ever go on Quest haven’t you seen Braveheart lots of Knight went to Rome and the Holy Land before and after the Crusades on Quest William Wallace is known for traveling and learning how to be a Warlord burning down churches attacking and luring the enemy and then scattering his army to the four winds this was important because king Robert the Bruce couldn’t do these things needed to win against superior England and maintain his lordly status so yes Knights did Quest.

It was the reality of warz monks were harbouring and allowing the English resources needed to continue the rape of Scotland so Wallace killed them and burned them out.

Ohhh I play EU4 wanna do an online game together one of these days? So, No Man’s Sky…