History of ic coaching trees

first off I will edit this later to add more to it. The concept is who had the greatest leaders branch off and had success on their own.

I lead many rounds but wasn’t the most successful at times. The tree I would branch off from would be either blue Luna who I played with in the betas. Or I would say Darkk who I played with and learned a lot from.

Playboy penguin had for example kagar and orbit I believe.

There has to be some really good coaching trees.

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Templare for attacking and I can’t remember the pop banker anymore who helped me

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Nyte of Unt (Jeremy) was my first consistent leader and then Stormblast/Fortress. Jaguar for attacking at some point.

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Optical was my first leader and a few rounds of it when I played early rounds.

Visser after that, but with cestan in the same Fam we often choose for being a pain in the ass rather then aim for winning rounds.

RiotingVirus for having me as a ressie secondary attacker thingy.

KingRay for having fun in a lost situation (the king and his Camaars)

And TBO well err ehm… I guess he teached me about the dark side of IC.

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Jag was a beast.
Played 1 round with him and AW and we won ofc but he carried us that round. Econ and attacking ability was top level.

Id like to think i taught quite a few players well. WS played his first round with me and hydrop and he went on a rampage after that lol

I coached a lot of people by beating the crap out of them over and over again.

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Yeah i remeber. Pretty sure i took a few beatings from you over the years lol

Was one of the successful MW leaders and learned how to be better at different roles from some top leaders.

Darrk - Attacking/SS
PP - Banking/Fam Bank
TMK - Leading

Oh think it was white heaven that taught me pop banking