Hi! New returning player


Played this game on my college days (2004~ish) :slight_smile:

History with Imperial Conflict

A friend of mine introduce me to this game, it was being run by stefan, is he still the admin/owner?

I used to played with every other family per round (yeah nobody drafted me) :slight_smile:
but I remember I was playing along side with Final_Doom (FD), Kitty, Nemesis, Poley and other names i canโ€™t remember. My name was Aldon/Scavenger back then. role was secondary attacker or retaker on wartimes.

Anyway, I plan to try this game again, just to having something to look out for on my free time.

Kinda forget how the game works :slight_smile: and itโ€™s kinda SS playstyle now
Iโ€™ll be waiting for new rounds to open in an active galaxy. See you all around! :slight_smile:


Hey, good luck.
You kinda missed the whole revival bit, but you have plenty of room now to re-learn the game.

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Hey welcome back, yeah be quick with playing a round, thinking of shutting it down :disappointed:

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Relatively sure we fought together/against back when :slight_smile:

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I_like_pie is the admin now. Stefan left quite a while ago.

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