Head to Head Galaxies

I’m so tired of reading the same schist on I’m going to f$$k you up next round bs

Are you able to open 2player gals. HEAD TO HEAD !! For Patrons only

Make the galaxy say 20ticks side to side. Top to bottom Not a wrap around galaxy
One player on farthest planet away from player 2

Give them some resources, say 8 expos , no cores

And let them go

Done finished. The winner gets the bragging rights, the loser shuts the hell up

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That’s what Red Rising is right now, though its more of a friendly match between Pickle and me.

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Yep, this can happen right now if players want to duke it out.

Patron Warriors can set up their own custom galaxy with 100% control over the setup, map size, etc. They can then choose any opponent (or opponents) who are also Patrons of any level.

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