Happy Pi Day, everybody!

Thank you IC-Radio for the reminder. :+1:

:pie: :pie: :pie:

/me starts handing out plates.



What is your favorite kind of pie?

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Indeed @I_like_pie What IS joor fav?


Banana Cream Pie is quite good.

Favorite though? :thinking:

It’s a tough call though. Pumpkin has been a long time 2nd favorite, but then I can’t ignore how delicious pecan pies are. And then key lime pie… goodness. And where do you put lemon meringue pie on the list?

It’s like trying to choose a favorite child. :grimacing:

What about you guys?

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I have never liked Pie :smiley:

Except maybe Pizza Pie.

Oh no! How could I forget pizza? :cry: That definitely counts.

There’s a place in Oakland called Zachary’s that makes amazing Chicago-style pizza. I had it once like 15 years ago and still think of it whenever deep-dish pizza comes up.


We have local pizza joints advertising Deep Dish pizza. Reality though is that both are paper thin crusts. So disappointing.