Happy Lockdown Day (aka Dinos want to catch corona na na na)

like the old days wars included fourm posts.

Dinos 79 believe in catching a pandemic,

starts in 2 ticks

minus -1 tick

(FA) Raptor Wardancers 1,253,451 46 383,157
TRex Revalons 1,225,578 197 1,474,126
(L) Compsognathus Rawrrrrrr 918,254 97 769,279
(L) Coronavirus Revalons 842,387 124 1,086,000
(VL) Spades toolz v2.0 411,017 48 446,560
Sythonics Synthonics 157,602 23 115,309

early congratulations to the dinos, well played

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ0mxQXmLsk - havana = coronaa na na


Stay home to save life

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We think we may have found the cure.

We are willing to expose ourselves and put ourselves at risk, to defeat this terrible virus!

Corona, you’re going down!

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Nap r- agreed. Kratom has to send me daily nudes until Round end.

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Looking at how poorly their war with Outlaws played out, I really think you stood a chance.

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Poor? We were massively outsaved and ended up with lots more planets. lol. I’d actually say we did extremely well considering.

only because Cells over jumped :smiley: but still wasn’t enough to clear Raptor. Well done.

Yep cells jumped big, we jumped Raptors ground so cells couldnt break through. Cells hit 2 DS losing a lot of fleet.

Then he stationed fighters to go to sleep (only thing we couldnt break) and we took him out. Then had Raptor jump figs to destroy cells and clear him from anywhere near us.

So to me sounds like solid strategy (and some luck/stupidity of cells) and we were able to defeat a fam who had more military/savings than us.

Considering Dukey and Luker were attacking?

The sarcasm went straight over Rex’s head :stuck_out_tongue:

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