Hangout #2: Upload

We discuss our upcoming interface upgrade, how to improve the experience for new players, and more.

Thank you to all who joined. :slight_smile:

Some questions for you all:

  1. It’s been difficult to get players to join the conversation, which leads to me dominating the discussion and occasionally rambling. Do you find this to be off-putting, or interesting enough to be tolerable?

  2. Somewhat similar to above: do you think that 1 hour is too long? With limited interaction from players, I am considering smaller sessions.

  3. Would you be interested in joining as a “guest co-host” to lead some player-focused conversation? Note: this would still be less polished, planned, and edited than IC-Radio.

  4. What do you dislike most about these hangout sessions?

  5. What do you enjoy most about these hangout sessions?


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Guests would be a good idea, with specific topics planned in advance with q&a. Could do a poll on time preference.

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First time i joined a discord IC session and it was fun. Too bad my connection to discord failed at the start else I had participated more. It didn’t feel like an hour so I wouldn’t shorten it. Like Soul said, you got a good voice for these kind of things and its great to listen to. Although the audio is mostly you talking I think the chat was pretty active, too bad that cant be logged with the audio file.

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I enjoy listening, but i think a separation of topics is required if we are inviting players to join.

Ill glady come on and talk all day about strategy, family dynamics, eco, expo, backstabbing tards etc. But no real point bringing me on to talk about interface :P.

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Keep up the good work

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