Hall of Fame

Hmmm just a tad incomplete i would say …


I know that I have no input as to the content but what sort of data/information would you prefer to add in order to make the page “complete”

Perhaps the proper hall of fame listings they must be within the system somewhere

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If you wouldn’t mind, could you reply to this topic with more details on what it is that you would want to be added?

I wasn’t here to know what “The proper Hal of Fame listings” are. Over time things get updated and changed, if you are meaning to update the newest rounds to put them on the system then please refer to the “rule the galaxy” posts that have been posted in the announcement forums.

If you mean early data from years ago, I cannot help you, I don’t think pie has that data anymore.


Im pretty sure pie did tell me he still has that old data actually…but not 100% sure but i was just asking about this last month

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Maybe need to ask him

And yeah data from years ago

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There use to be a wiki link i seen on google years back but it seems to be empty now only new round info

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