Guess that thing

Yo! New game. You gotta guess what the thing is and then write your own thing. It can be anything.

Example: “he calls himself big and plays this game.”

TBO of course…anyways let’s try it.

It’s the largest animal on the planet.

Is it @Mrblonde ?

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No. It’s @The_Unknown when he’s mounted @Mrblonde

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Ahh, the fabled The_MrUnknownBlonde

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It’s a sort of Belgian-Dutch human centipede… Which is basically Belgium and Holland in general.

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Belgium and Holland are separate entities? well the more you learn… :ic_laugh:

Also I guess we should guess the thing… Elephant?

It's round with black and white hexagons

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The blue whale

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Its never the blue whale

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Well it’s bigger than an elephant

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@The_Unknown yes sir

Next riddle?


It’s the Fastest bird when diving

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What is that?

oh it said diving and i read it as driving. so was thinking of cars with bird names

O.o wow

The falcon ?

Is it the falcon?

@The_Unknown @Hala which one?