Goodbye, and thanks!

Earlier this year I started discussing privately with the Moderators the need for me to step away.

The last 2+ years have been a blast, and although I love being here, it has become increasingly apparent that my time and effort are best spent elsewhere. Specifically, there are larger gains to be had if I focus 100% on development, marketing, and funding.

For the community, there’s nothing here that I do that the Moderators aren’t fully capable of handling. That’s what they’re here for, after all!

I’m therefore making my exit, and although I’ll still be working behind the scenes, I don’t plan to be around either in the chat or here in the forums. As much as I want to be, it’s a slippery slope for me personally as I have a hard time not being involved in everything when I am here, perhaps to a fault.

As I told the mods, I can’t “turn it down”, only “off”.

Rest assured, the Moderators and I have been working on processes to see that your needs as a player are taken care of. Effective immediately, they are managing everything here in my place, including anything related to running and moderating the game itself. As always, you can contact them directly via @moderators for anything you need.

As for me, I’ll be in the Foohon Pie Chat and Forums if you want to swing by to chat about my other projects or anything else unrelated to Imperial Conflict.

Lastly, thank you for all the help, feedback, and discussion. I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday, and are gearing up for an exciting New Year’s Eve and a great 2019. Be safe out there!

/me hands you a pie :pie:


Goodbye Pie! Leave an email address at least!

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Thank you for buying the game, keeping it alive, and being part of us for all of these years.
You are a hell of an interesting kat Vince.

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< darrk > O.o
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<dRaGoN_sUp> what the hell was that?
< darrk > Not sure, but I think they just found out a lot about each other
< ICD > lol
< ICD > fags

Personally, I think @I_like_pie just made this post so I would like never catch him in forum points.


bye pie :sunglasses:!

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Good logic! see ya!

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I’ll still be here as IC’s sound guy, for whoever does radio and podcasts. I totally get the “can’t turn it down, only off” thing. Thanks for keeping a cool game alive long enough for relative n00bs like me to find it.


Thanks pie

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Thanks for everything you do.


Good executive decision. Thank you.

Just remember to play the game too a bit. Also read the forum once in a while. Maybe mods can point out important threads from forum for you?

Otherwise alienating yourself from the gameplay and community may cause problems in the long run. Seen that happen in many different environments.

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