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Custom Forum Tag

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Create custom galaxies

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How do i set up a Custom gal?

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I’m setting up a new process for that now. Will have more info asap, hopefully by end of today.

Sweet !

Be ready to drop $100…btw I’m going planning on doing another Royal round soon!

If it fits, I would like my custom forum tag to be:

Format: Virus “To Corrupt and Conquer!”


I added the To Corrupt and Conquer! part, but what’s the Virus part mean?

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It’s a quote from Reboot from back in the day, it’s where my picture comes from. The virus Megabyte says that as a quote in a single episode opening, honestly my name reflects that show also, it really stuck with me from my childhood.

“My format? Virus!, To Corrupt and Conquer!” (

Thanks again Pie, you are the best bud. Keeping my childhood alive one game at a time. :smiley:

Oh, I see! Got it, I updated it again. :+1:

And no problem, thanks for returning and supporting the game! :smiley:

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I still just have my name in white lol…i want color! Haha

@SEXTANS are you set up and connected on Patreon’s side here?

i think my names missing from the human.txt =p

Me too. But I think he is just behind on updating it.

It will be automated hopefully soon. :slight_smile:

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soonish that is

I propose that a new reward be added. The ability to rename your home system (within reason of course).

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We used to be able to name planets we own, it was cool as, I was going to ask about it but I forgot. :thinking:

Could I get “Big Damn Heroes” for my forum tag pretty please?


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Can I please have the forum tag “:elephant: If you know, you know”?

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