Games ruined

Last round I was made inactive by a guy cause I wouldn’t use discord even though he only had one vote of himself and didn’t even play truth be told he was inactive and I was stuck with him couldn’t do anything , this round I’m a rogue because I don’t use discord seriously this game is destroyed no wonder you can’t get new player’s.

Why make it so people can’t even play the game?
Someone said make the game easier but come on seriously now you don’t even have to play the game just declare you enemies rogue or inactive pretty lame.


I was just ignoring this pratter… but seriously, you think you were deleted off because you didn’t use discord? Does anyone actually do that? I can imagine you would be killed off if you didn’t try to coordinate with the fam and you happened to be in a well organised fam… but with someone who hardly logs in as you say? Extremely unlikely… I haven’t met anyone like that over the past year of playing in shitty low end fams…

This game is all about communication and working together. Since u are uncapable i suggest u play manthano or tetris


Not true every word he said was a lie lol that is not why he was killed off this round he went rogue and opped his family after telling them to take his planets.