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Hey all IC peeps,

I am Ohgren an fresh new juicy target in IC. At least thats what i thought.

I started out thinking hey what to do, ok build asap get positive income and rescources and to make hard to attack me in beginning i decided to make different amount of lases on my planets. Ranging from 20 to 300.

Would be handy if i knew portals excisted lol, that was annoying and awesome to find out at same time.

Then first skirmish. Panicked like hell, other fam canceled 24 hour nap. Oh no what to do. Lucky we organized in our 3 man fam at that moment and we pawned if say so myself. Me beeing proud beeing the annoying different amount of lasers on each planet kinda of person what gave big disadvantage to opponent. Opps or not… Morale issues, how much to send, slowing em down. We made good results and napped with 72 hour cancelation.

Then we got a fourth active member. Now time to really play the game, cause this self sufficient sucks to be honest.

Ok my role, ressie attacker. When we go to war my job, hover insane amount of fleets and retake or take planets of hand of the attacker.

But now, so many unwritten rules. Why unwritten rules. Well in my modest opinion balance … With some estorm stacking ya destroy a pop banker . I think, why isnt it capped? Like in max amount pop lost. Cause actually pop banking isnt viable unless ya have insane amount of wizs protecting you.

Not even a hypnotize spell added , no that would be like crushing a alrdy crushed by estorm stacked banker,…

What am i going at… And i know i am new, but how is it possible a noob like me can have such a good first round? Comon i am not major tactician or a secret sneaky general , nope just a dude in divorce having trouble keeping his mind in the right place.

I have a lot to explore, and learn, but did anybody ever consider a major balance in the game regarding opps and spells strenght and effects?

Maybe the community that plays is to experienced and know to much every little trick in the book, maybe thats the problem? People are to good in the game, no thats not it, cause then there wouldnt be a problem right?

I keep ending up at balance… Ah well , thats my thought anyway.

P.s. that beeing said, i am having a blast btw. 339 fleets hovering hehe,

Btw why on earth it is cheaper to replace troops then to pay for upkeep?

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Jesus, that answers your question right there. Activity is very important in this game and this shows you are very active and thus can be competitive even as a beginner.


The game is dead, it was originally for families or teams of 20 with 100 teams. The game is over 20 years old and at one point was quite fun. With the lack of players the market is no longer viable, small teams with low activity means being self sufficient is your only option. As far as game balance. there has never been an active developer who would work towards some kind of balance and fix game issues. Best of luck in the game.

While it is true the game is not as popular anymore as in it’s glory days, I would call it far from dead. Nothing wrong with self sufficient game play.

I first started playing IC right after the beta’s in round 1, it was really fun cause you were in a family with 15ish players and needed to work together. But everyone was equal and you still could make your own decisions.

Fast forward 5 years and the game evolved to a one or two guy dictates everything in a family and the rest just carried out orders. And you had to do it like that to be competitive. You had to plan everything meticulously to have a chance. Without science jumps, dedicated bankers, dedicated resources and decicated attackers you didn’t stand a chance anymore.

However this takes the fun away for all the rest that are not considered to be the “family leader” or their trustees. You either blindly followed orders or were considered a rogue. That’s around the time I lost my interest.

Now it’s actually more interesting again cause you stand a chance again going self sufficient or being a bit less meticulously organized. But it is no secret the game is lacking new players…


This was my experience too. About 10 yrs ago (give or take) I tried to join a “competitive” galaxy one round and they wanted me to x amount of buildings at a specific time. I would be given specific amount of resources, build, and send everything to the bank. I told the leader I want to start off SS and not be a robot to build exactly what he wanted. A mod had to message me because I was going “rogue” in a competitive galaxy. Honestly worse IC experience for me. I think that’s what made me quit. The rounds I’m playing right now are a lot more fun for me.

Side note: I had a friend try the game recently but there were no guides/tutorials on how to play the game so he end up quitting. Took him a while to even figure out what the iron/gold/resource symbols meant. (I was telling him exactly what to build to get him started, but he was struggling to figure out what was going on)

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