Game system

I want to know what people use, and why

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • PC
  • Other

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I use a PC because i allways did and most games i like just go best on a PC.

PC master race

All 3 because im a greedy bugger and different sets of friends have each type lol.

Prefer PC though for fps & strategy games

95% PC
1% Fifa with friends on tv on PS4
1% Phone
1% Boardgames
2% Nintendo 3DS Pokemon

Xbox cause my laptop is too shitty for games really

Xbox cause it’s the most natural feeling UI.
Playstation cause it has some good games too.
PC (mac, technically) because Don’t Starve Together
Other because of occasional Nintendo games

Nintendo Wii
(hard not to like a console that thinks my fitness age is still in the low 20s)

Pc master race! Using a controller is unnatural for me

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My n64 I went by my mom’s house about a month ago and got it and my old snes been loving going down memory lane

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What does this count as?

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Playstation : Not a hardcore gamer as in my youth anymore but I do enjoy the occasional game. Hate to play FPS or RTS games on playstation though. Also PC isn’t powerful enough to play most games anymore and not really willing to invest in a state of the art machine for the time I spend gaming.

PC: point and click adventure games and IC of course!! :stuck_out_tongue: