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Hey all, I’m new to IC, a decade ago I played a very similar game called Xenocide 3001 and recently I spent some time on google trying to see if there was any active game like Xenocide, which lead me to IC!

Anyway, I did the 10 planet tutorial and I’m still very confused as to how little documentation there is about how to play this game. Just simple stuff like how basic combat works, how portals function, etc. I remember it took me like 10 minutes of searching just to figure out which resource icon was which, since there’s no image alt-text and the image names are “resource1”, etc. There’s a Guide link in the bottom left but it has almost no information, I mean it points out stuff that’s obvious but leaves out the important stuff, e.g. it says “this is your resource bar” but leaves out which icon is which =/

I think at a minimum there should be a guide explaining the basics, and then also a page with suggestions for what to do in the first week of your first round, to not die, i.e. how to set up a defense.

It’s really a question of if you want new people like me joining the game, because if not then that’s fine, but I absolutely loved Xenocide and I got so excited when I saw there was a similar game that is still active. I’m happy to help arrange the documentation, I would just need someone to send me what already exists.

this is a little oldschool… but i guess its as good as it gets

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Hey man, welcome to IC. :grin: This link is a bit dated as well, but I still use it frequently:

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And to answer the last part of your question, we very much need people like you trying the game :slight_smile:I´d suggest you join the disccord, it may sometimes take a while but your questions will probably be answered. You can also join the Andromeda Galaxy. It is “Fam based” means you play with other people in a Team. They will for sure be eager to explain stuff to you.
And last but not least… welcome :slight_smile:

Oh wow I somehow missed

I would highly recommend you make the Guide link at the bottom-left link to that wiki

The also looks great, although it’s having some issues fully loading on my browser, not sure why. It’s always nice to have all the “documentation” in one spot, so new people like me don’t miss stuff. The wiki format is most easily edited by other people (e.g. new people who catch a typo) so I recommend going down that path. I.e. move all documentation/guides to the wiki and then have big obvious links to the wiki for new people.

I would be happy to help transition that FAQ page to the wiki, if that’s the path you want to go down.

Andromeda 38 said full when I first started playing, but now there’s two spots so yeah I’ll join and hope to be paired with a team who can give me pointers.

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This is the exact sort of thing that is missing, that I have been pointing out since my return.

We need to do more than just point out old archaic resources. There needs to be a proper tutorial if we are to have new players staying longer than Virgo!

P/s Welcome, Rexer!

Welcome Rexer