Game and Forum Account Consolidation


We’ve resolved the discrepancies between your game account and your forum account. This fixes a few annoying bugs and also gives you better control of your account info.

Unified Verification

Email verification is now solely handled by the game; players no longer need to activate their accounts again for the forum domain.

Activation has also been moved up from the empire level to the master account level. In other words, players must activate their account before joining a galaxy, instead of after. This will help us weed out inactive players.

This also means that all active players will now be guaranteed forum access as there is no longer a second verification step.

Email Address

Changing your email within the game preferences will now update your email in the forums as well. It is no longer possible to have split email accounts, which fixes an issues some players had with accessing their family forums.

All players are now guaranteed access to their family forums the first time they log in to their empire

Forum, Ruler, and Empire Names

Your forum display name will now take your default ruler name, and your secondary name will take your default empire name.

For example, my in-game identity is “I_like_pie of FoohonPie”. The forum will render this like so:


You can update the “Ruler name” value via your account preferences here:

Your “Empire name” will be uneditable as to prevent potential impersonation issues.

Any pending changes will take effect the next time you log into your game account.



If I’m a new player, and I just type something random into the Empire Name not knowing that I can’t change it later is there going to be a way to get a one-time change of my Empire Name when I’ve decided on a permanent name I want?

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Yeah, when our new profile page is completed, every player will be able to decide on a final name. Existing players will have a chance to adjust it if they don’t like their current one.