Galactic Events

Just some ideas for Galactic Events. Some of these may already be a thing.


  • Our officials report that our Cash Factories are recording record profits, as a result they have been able to increase output by 50% for a short time.

  • Our officials report that due to mismanagement of our Cash factories there are large deficits that have affected operations. As a result of this loss, our Cash Factories will be operating at 60% efficiency for a period.

  • Our Empire has attempted to increase taxes for a short time to gain economical advantages over others Empires. As a result, our Taxes are producing an additional 10% income from the population.

  • Due to over taxation, our population is revolting in the streets. In order to quell the up rise, we have lowered tax rates and as a result we will collect 10% less income from our population for a time.


  • Our scientists have found a way to increase resource production by 10% for a short time. As a result we can expect x% increase to our (Insert Resource) production for a short period.

  • Due to supply and demand, we can expect a 10% increase to our production of (Insert Rss), but we will also receive a decreased production of (insert Rss)


  • Due to a Pro Life movement spreading across your planets, population growth has increased by 10% for the next x ticks.

  • Due to a Pro Life movement spreading across your planets, maximum population has increased by 5% on all planets

  • Due to an unknown plague spreading rampantly through your planets, your scientists expect a mortality rate of 5% a tick. It is estimated a vaccine will take x ticks to produce.

  • Due to planetary overpopulation, we have been forced to implement a strict policy regarding reproduction. Until this issue is solved, your population growth is decreased by 50%.


  • After multiple complaints regarding military wages, the employment regulations department has implemented a system of bonuses. During this time, unit upkeep will be 100% higher.

  • Our empires infrastructure has fallen into a state of ruin. As a result, building upkeep will be increased by 50% until the needed infrastructure upgrades have been completed. This is expected to take x ticks.

Fleet Speed

  • Our scientists have discovered an unknown anomaly creeping through the galaxy. As a result our fleets can only travel at 50% speed safely or risk pocket explosions that will destroy portions of our fleets.

  • With the development of a new propulsion system, our scientists claim we can go 50% faster when travelling deep into space. This system is in need of testing and will only affect speeds for the next x ticks.


  • Our ministers have discovered a booming construction economy in our empire. As a result, for the next x ticks our Over Build costs do not apply.

  • Solar storms have ripped through the Galaxy. This has caused massive natural disasters that have destroyed x% of our current infrastructure. A galactic aid package in the amount of x% of the base cost has been received to help rebuild.


  • Our wizards have found a strange magic and have tried to cast the spell. This has caused a time distortion that has caused our empire to advance 3 ticks in an instant without actually changing the tick.


  • We have mysteriously discovered new resource pockets on certain planets. As a result, some of our planets have gained resource bonuses they did not have before.

  • Due to excessive harvesting of certain resources on planets, we have harvested the deposits that gave us planet bonuses. As a result, some of our resource bonuses on planets no longer exist.

  • Due to a change in the gravitational forces in the Galaxy, some planets have become temporarily uninhabitable. As a result these planets have been abandoned and will remain uninhabitable for the next x ticks. We should be ready to explore those planets again.


  • With advances in mental training and Octraine defenses, Wizard spells against enemies are xx% more difficult and have a higher chance to fail.

  • Your scientists have found a way to disable race bonuses for Ops. As a result, all Magic race bonuses have been disabled. Partaxians everywhere are completely lost with this development!

  • Galactic Congress have temporarily cancelled all intelligence and espionage acts. As a result, Agents are awaiting orders on when they can return to work. During this time, no Agent ops will be able to be performed.


  • Recent scientific breakthroughs have made huge gains and have awarded you with RP equal to your networth. Your new RP will be allocated based on your current research setup.

  • Your scientists are forced to abandon multiple projects due to current level of understanding. As a result, your RCs will only produce 10 RP per building for the next x ticks.

  • Your scientists have completed multple new discoveries. As a result, you will gain 25% research in all fields that will decrease by 5% per tick for the next 5 ticks.