Galactic Council: CMV = Airwing

Well, this sure is a tricky situation. I’m not sure how to handle this, so I’m going to open it up to the players.

For some background: in “last resort” type situations, players have asked us if they can start new in the game, creating a brand new account and disassociating themselves with a previous identity. Under normal rules, this is a multi and not allowed.

However, in very specific scenarios (typically involving harassment), it can make sense and has proven to be useful. In these scenarios, the player who wants a new identity has incentive to keep things under wraps, and everything goes smoothly.

Milky Way 73

Before #milky-way-73 @Airwing asked me if he could change his name, as he didn’t want to go by “Airwing” anymore. I explained that while we don’t do that, we can let him create a new identity, per the “feature” described above.

I also clearly explained that this is literally a new identity and that he should not discuss the process or that he is actually Airwing. This is not meant to be a loophole for playing undercover.

Well, I’ve since discovered that he has informed his family and allies of who he is, and that they drafted him in knowing that he was Airwing.

Unfair advantage

This is an advantage that literally nobody else in the galaxy had: being able to hide from enemies while your friends know who you are. It’s entirely agains the spirit of the feature, and imo is exploitative.

The question is: what is an appropriate course of action? At the bare minimum, if his friends know who he is, then everybody should. I’ve already adjusted is empire name to reflect this.

However, his family (#7155) have reaped the rewards of an advantage that no other family had. They are currently #1 in NW and #2 in size, which may be attributed to this advantage.

I can see an argument for removing Airwing’s empire to negate this, as he exploited a feature to get something he wanted that nobody else has: selective anonymity.

His family members themselves did not do anything wrong, as they were unaware of the details of this arrangement, as this whole thing was supposed to be secret. :weary:

This would have been totally fine if AW had kept his identity hidden, as was agreed upon.

Galactic Council

I’m looking to the empires in #milky-way-73 to help guide this decision. Votes are anonymous, but I will be able to screen out non-MW73 votes.

What do the MW73 players think should be done?

  • Let him play.
  • Remove him.

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Bring out the tar and feathers, hang him up in the town square, and publish his nudes I am sure we have all seen by now.

But PLEASE lets be honest. No sane person can argue that we are doing well because people didnt know who Airwing was.

So to conclude;
Crush his spirit, tear down his reputation and besmerch his legacy, but do not interfere in the current round and ruin the round for the family.

My 2 cents


As discussed is several threads elsewhere, I dont see this to be much of an advantage, and to be honest,Ieven if it were I don’t think anyone has even been able to get much advantage from it.
Removing him would be a huge blow to the whole fam, who literally didn’t know of these details Airwing agreed with Pie.

If at all Airwing should be “punished” for this, you would have to do it for next round, not this one.


Keep him, but change his name to something else as punishment.



Yeah this is hardly any advantage. Besides he’s inactive anyways :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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“Din mor kommer fra Sverige” (Your mother comes from Sweden)

I will comment on this, as I find this situation strange as some of these things that seems so crystal clear in Pie’s posts was never Crystal clear when Pie offered me a new account.

I am in some ways to IC like Columbus was to mankind, I push the game to the limits some time to make it better. This time unwillingly :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: And to quote Pie.

Thats why we will have more formal rules on this going forward

I was clear from the start on my intentions, and there was never as i recall ever a mention that i couldnt reveal to others who i was. Today is the first time i hear about that.

I was Crystal clear in my intentions and why i was doing this…But as a respect to Pie i will not at this stage post our PM that would clearly show you all this. I also informed i was being drafted into MW, and with this loop hole i was free to explore other cores without being detected as Airwing but a n00b straight from Virgo.

There was never any issues with this approach.

When i asked if i could be Airwing on Discord, the game chat, i was told i could do whatever i wanted. joining fam chat as Airwing is normaly a dead giveaway.

The smoking gun and where i broke the new rules of today is when i sent an ingame msg to Noir who drafted me before the round started, that i was AIrwing his draft as my account was not named Airwing. This was when i broke the new rule i hear about today and abused the game…

So to summarize, It seems to me I broke rules before the round started, Rules that was made today and was never discussed or written when me and Pie decided to go forward with the account swap. i openly mentioned this as a loop hole to anonymity more than once.

Unfortunatly i have been a big failure to my team, semi active and not doing much at all.
so if you all agree to let me stay i will up my game, and rape you all … as Airwing this time as my anonymety has so wrongfully been stripped away from me.

Yours truly AW.


This is not a rule that was “made today”, it was explained when you were still in Virgo, and you acknowledged.

Our issue is that we don’t have the log for that convo, so we can’t go back and find what exactly was said.

To your point though, yes this process as it is leaves too much room for misunderstanding. We will fix that so that in the future we avoid any possible lack of clarity.

You forfeited your anonymity when you told friendly empires who you were. You don’t get to selectively hide when nobody else in the game can.

Yep, that’s still true. There isn’t any issue there. The issue is with you disclosing your identity to your team, while nobody else knows.

If you were “a n00b straight from Virgo” to everybody, there would be no problem. That’s the point of this feature. That’s not what you did; you used it as a selective cover to hide from only enemies.

I would argue that explained is a the wrong word here…

if this issue was in fact explained this situation would not have occured.

Looking at the convos we do have from the start where we discuss this… i think we can both agree it was not explained there…

Oh my…in my opinion any active fam that Nightwish has is an unfair advantage. That guy is so good and looks like he will win two MW in a row…he himself is an unfair advantage…but I’d just say to just let him play…it would be different if he was playing with two accounts

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@CMV I do agree that it wasn’t all explained in our PM, but that other convo in that support ticket is pretty important.

That’s on me for not having a log of the support chat, and for not having structure around this thing as a whole. Lesson learned.

That’s assuming that it wasn’t explained.

It’s just as possible that you misread it, or that you are only claiming a misunderstanding now that you were caught. It is also possible that I am remembering something incorrectly and am completely wrong about all of this.

Lots of possibilities! All the more reason to get a better process around it.

TBH though with as much headache as this is, I am more likely to just not offer this anymore. Manually watching it for exploits isn’t sustainable, and clearly it can be exploited.

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I loved it when he compared himself to Colombus :joy:


I think people look at the situation wrong and i do not believe airwig did anything wrong and should be allowed to play.

Round history cannot be hidden so if you want to find someone eventually you can anyways if you look hard enough.
Most people claim hiding your name is only for people who want to be ***holes, this is the case a lot of the time but not all the time i can think of many good reasons one would want to hide there name.
I believe you should have the choice to hide your account name if you choose i see no real issue behind it.
Last discussion about this the argument was it only promotes bad play but lets all be honest and truthful, hiding your name does not stop this nor cause it lmao…if i am pissed at someone that bad i want to kill them next round not being able to hide my name isnt going to stop that.
If player attitudes dont change and have some sort of honor then there will always be dink play…

Lets put our effort and time into fixing something that will actually change something :slight_smile:


I just think it’s silly to ask someone who has been playing this game as long as him to have to act like he’s not himself. It’s a weird situation haha. And I don’t think it gave him any kind of unfair advantage. His family is obviously a top fam and regardless of the player in that fam they should be taken seriously because of that alone. They earned their position in this game because of activity and work, Not from people knowing or not knowing AW was in their fam. People probably shouldn’t be allowed to change their identity unless it’s an extreme case where they are getting mecilessly bullied or something along those lines. I like people knowing my identity. That way when they see daddy coming they move out the way :joy:


@YoungWolf_WiLd I agree. However, it was his specific request to “act like he’s not himself”.

The whole thing started because he came to me asking if he could change his identity in the community, because he no longer wanted to be “Airwing”.

If he wanted to keep his identity, what’s the point of asking to change it? :man_shrugging: Well, that’s clear now: the point was to hide only from his enemies: an in-game advantage, even if slight, that literally nobody else had.

Their fam is skilled, but they (and only they) were also able to dodge one of their players being a target. If it made no difference, he would have had no reason to hide in the first place. It clearly added some kind of value: a literal unfair advantage.

@Cells, the thing he did wrong was playing by different rules than everybody else. That’s the definition of unfairness.

The question isn’t whether or not he did something wrong. He did. The question is whether or not it warrants deletion. So far, The Galactic Council (you guys) says that it isn’t severe enough to remove him.


Wolf ill give you a few quick reason one would want to hide there name so they can pretend to be someone else.

I would not call it an unfair advantage, they are the only family that put effort into planning and doing con builds that is the only reason they are in the lead by so much, aw hiding his name had or has nothing to do with that lol…if someone wanted to target them they would have then doing con jumps not just because a certain player was there.

That being said isn’t that targeting play style not allowed? I didnt think we were allowed to ruin fams rounds over a personal beef from previous rounds so if anyone did target them for airwig being there they would have been punished would they not have? …
Bellow are some examples of non dink reasons somone would want to hide there name

(1) when everyone knows where you are you have a larger target on your back even if you haven’t done anything wrong, easier to fight a fam of top player at bor then it is eor or even middle round.

(2) not being able to hide your name forces some players to only get to play certain roles…for example every round i join i ask to play as banker or ressie but since everyone knows i attack and do an alright job at it everyone else refuses to attack.

(3) a player may want a relaxing laid back round with no reputation to try and uphold.

(4) some players cannot land with others and be able to play together without in fam drama so one may want to hide there name to avoid that. (Ordos and myself for example)

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Didn’t I say that?

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This is a fallacy @I_like_pie . For it to actually add some value, someone must have actually acted differently towards us ingame based on the fact that they didnt know Airwings real identity. I understand your principled view, but in practice i find it very unlikely, until someone actually playing MW73 tells me differently.

AW has not attacked for us, he has not been securing any areas, and the whole time he was playing with known players like me and Nightwish in the #1 fam, that also won MW72. No other fam has had a bigger target on their backs, with or without Airwing.

That being said, it comforts me that also players in other families affirm my belief, as it after all is up to them to make up their minds on whether or not this was an actual ungair advantage.

No, this is a Hypothetical Syllogism - the base tenant of Classical Logic.

In propositional logic, hypothetical syllogism is the name of a valid rule of inference (often abbreviated HS and sometimes also called the chain argument , chain rule , or the principle of transitivity of implication ).

That statement is pure fiction.
How the fuckity fuck could they?
He was playing anon.

The prevailing theory would be they WOULD have treated your family quite differently had anyone outside of your drafted friends and allies known.

You literally cannot prove otherwise.