Galactic Congress has returned!

Leaders once again have a forum where they can speak amongst themselves free of outside influence.

This time around, the conversations will be open to everybody to see, but only leaders will be able to post.

Players can access their galaxy’s congress via the forums directly here, or within the “Foreign Relations” subnav:

Leader Groups and Anonymity

The way this works is similar to family forums, in that it is based on forum groups. For example, the @milky-way-68-leaders group will update itself if/when families experience changes in leadership.

This setup requires identifying leaders by their forum names, which removes their anonymity.

Polls Amongst Leadership

Leaders can also use Galactic Congress to create polls to get votes from the galaxy’s leadership, with the option to have vote results public or anonymous.

This will serve as a compliment to the recent player-created Galactic Council.


Thank you @I_like_pie we needed this!

Milky Way only for now I take it.

Nah, it will be standard for all galaxies. Infinitum atm isn’t set up due to its test nature, but the rest will have it.

Cool. Cool cool cool.