Galactic Congress Forums

We are seeing a need for leader-only forums to return. This would be a place for public negotiations and discussions free from players and also free from my own comments.

Although anybody should be free to comment on #universal-news topics, there is a reasonable concern that my own comments on in-game matters might unduly effect their outcome.

We therefore need a semi-private forum, because there currently is no platform for leaders to challenge each other without outside influence.

Can we give leaders read+write access to this forum, and all other players read-only?

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That’s the setup I was thinking.

Do you recall how the original one worked? Was it VLs could read, but regular players couldn’t?

yeah, VL’s had read rights only. the rest nothing

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Wow, what a throwback


This was actually a very helpful area of the forums back during the days of 100+ families in MW. Widely used for families to recruit allies, to announce wars, to announce changes in allies, to make it known when dishonorable raids/wars were happening, and to put a stop to vultures.

This has been completed.

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