Future round idea

What if we just have 3 big super families with 0 NAPs instead of multiple small families? I feel like this would solve a lot of the problems that players are complaining about.

Here are some of the problems that I see that would be solved by having 3 big families:
Problem 1: Small families are difficult to balance because people delete and there are players of different skill/activity level.

  • Having a bigger pool of people means you’re spreading the skill level of the players more evenly.

Problem 2: Players in small fams complain about being farmed by bigger fams.

  • There are no small fams, so this is not possible

Problem 3: Players in big fams want to fight and don’t really want to nap everyone in the first place.

  • There are no naps so people can always fight.

Problem 4: People don’t like to deal with Illegal alliances.

  • There are no illegal alliances. If the 2 smaller superfamilies want to fight the bigger family, they are allowed to do so.

Problem 5: Friends want to play together

  • Friends are allowed to play together (as long as this doesn’t completely stack 1 family. I don’t think having 15 friends play in one fam is a good idea)

Problem 6: Not everyone has time to be active all the time due to real life.

  • This becomes less of a problem since there are a lot more players backing the fam up. If one player can’t be there, another player can pick up the slack.

Here is how I envision the round to play out. Players already know each other so they will form their own little cliques within the superfam. These experienced players will help carry the fam in terms of growth and econ. The rest of the fam could split off into their own little subgroups or just be SS. As the round progresses, people will see is who more active than others and the active people could try and work together to help each other grow. New or not as active players and grow at their own pace, but now they don’t need to worry about being farmed because they have a huge family to back them up. Also having people delete is not as big of an issue since there’s a lot of people to work with.

Once the fighting phase begins, the people who want to fight can go attack players of the other superfam. There will be no naps so the attackers can attack to their heart’s content. If one superfam is winning, the 3rd superfam can help support the losing side and attack the winning side. There could be a temporary alliance between two fams fighting the winning fam, but the temporary alliance could turn on each other at any time as well. If one superfam can beat two superfams at the same time, then they deserve the win and we move onto the next round.

This should also be a pretty easy change for the devs as well =)


We did that.

It was pretty enjoyable

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I’m also working essentially on a 3 vs 3 vs 3 vs 3 map to see if I can get it to work for 12 fams with 3-4 players in each.

Basic premise would be that the 3 fams in a cluster would be setup for a shared core. Now if 1 team decided to implode on themselves, it would then require them to potential face all future wars in a 3 vs 1 situation instead of a 3 vs 3. This would hopefully help alleviate the smaller getting farmed as well as its basically 3 fams protecting the core and not just 1

Working through some ideas for it for spacing and round required rules etc (market, start attack, ect) as I feel this type of map would need a much more structured play style.


I like both ideas


I wonder why we didn’t continue that. ponders

I was kind of thinking something along the lines of this actually too actually. But in my head it was a big fam having multiple starting locations. That way sending aid to allies would be possible.

I figured this would require more dev work so I didn’t bother mentioning it.