Forums working

Just making sure forums still work.

Favorite all time forum poster?

Favorite mod?

Favorite round?

Favorite fam pic?

Favorite ic memory?

Favorite all time forum poster? Nolio

Favorite mod? All but revenant? Imho he is a bloating *ss. Jk , really all of them for contributing the game I liked for so many years.

Favorite round? Long ago , any i playd with optical and cestan. Recently any with TBo.

Favorite fam pic? Several might qualiy for that

Favorite ic memory? Too many to name just one

Nolio is a classic for forum poster.

Opti and I always enjoied playing together.

kinda wonder how many would say Lizzy lol i know she is @Primo favorite

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What did I ever do to you, lol… maybe cause I’m still the only one active.
Or, maybe cause I did my job, love the haters…

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