Forum Post Flair

The forums have been updated to display post-flair for different badges that you can acquire. This is intended to improve discourse, feedback, and perhaps most importantly to encourage civility. There are 7 possible post-flair types.

The first 3 are based on specific actions:

The next 4 are based on the quality of your posts, as determined by likes from other players:



Sweet sweet sweet!!!

Well ain’t that fancy!


We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!

Wait, I’m short two badges. I need MORE badges!!


ahem I think all of the badges should be shown :rofl: My flair is looking stifled.

There should be a flair for providing checked ‘solutions’ in the Questions forum.

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Thanks for all the hardwork

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And Congrats to you @Translucent on the New User of the Month award!