Formally stepping away

Hi everybody,

We discussed this on the hangout yesterday, and I wanted to let you all know here too.

My work situation is changing in a significant way, and other obligations are taking more of my time.

I am stepping away from IC, effective immediately.

Our Community

This isn’t a result of anything bad happening in the community. We have our challenges, but you all have been more than great and very understanding of the challenges we face. I really do appreciate that.

That said, we are also looking to bring on a paid Discord moderator, as we are already understaffed in this regard and are about to be running even lighter.

In any case, I just wanted to be clear that this isn’t me leaving out of any kind of frustration or anything. I love being here and wish I could be here more.

This is 100% business related.

Short Term

In the immediate future we should assume that I have 0 hours to put towards IC. I am working with @staff, @Release_Team, and our Mentors to figure out the least disruptive path forwward.

Our roadmap is being reevaluated. The attack stuff is 90% done and I really really really want to get it out the door, but as mentioned I cannot guarantee even a single hour of dev time for IC in the near future.

So, our focus right now is going to be shifting to making the most optimal galaxy setup given the current state of the game. We are planning an SS galaxy at least, despite concerns about diluting competition in MW. Nothing has been decided yet, but we have heard player feedback and are discussing internally.

Please be patient with us, and if you absolutely hate the idea of anything that we’re doing, please take a moment to breathe before sending us your vitriol. Our team appreciates it. :+1:

Long Term

In the longer term, I am saving up money to actually pay for staff. Right now the focus is on bringing on a Developer, a Discord Moderator, and ideally a general Community Manager.

There is no ETA for this currently, but my focus right now is figuring out how to get the right people here to help.

This isn’t volunteer work. People will be hired, expected to deliver, and fired if they don’t fulfill the work requirements. For that reason, I am leaning towards hiring from outside of our community.

The real long term goal is that IC can run entirely without my involvement. Although I do love being here, it is no longer financially viable for me to invest as much time and effort as I have been doing.


I am disabling all forms of private messaging. If you need to get on contact with me for any reason, please email

Thank you for understanding. I do believe IC will be better off with some long overdue delegation.


Adios Pie.

As for the attack formula, I would suggest just leaving it as is in case a bug appears and you are not around to deal with it.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.


Oh this will be interesting…

we all know Pie will check in on the Toliet :smiley: but developing for IC is not being pushed off the mountain, this will still go on, just he has to step away to further his Career hes 35 afterall. (im 35 what am i doing) =)

I would invest it in the game a discord mod for a game with mostly adults seems a bit of a waste.

You would be surprised … and I am sure a discord mod is not a paid role.

We’re investing in both.

The needs of the game and the community aren’t mutually exclusive.

Gonna close this now, as I won’t be responding here further. Thanks for understanding.