Food Stealing Bug

So I went to sell 6 billion food on the market and was not thinking about the max number allowed to be input.

It only put 2.1 bil food onto the market and has apparently stolen the other 4 bil. Like…the food is gone! and I didnt get gc for it!

I don’t think 2.1 bil is a market cap. I mean I am not sure, but at some point someone had moved more than that right?
Flint jumps were pretty crazy.

it is def the market cap.

It’s probably something like the field being a 32-bit integer - the max value for one of these is 2,147,483,647. #BoringGeekFact

Yeah i hit it awhile ago, lost the food and the gc.
Need to stick to 2 bil max, well probably 2147483647 as rivan said.

Yeah that is the issue. Just the problem of it stealing your stuff…

Ok then how can you bid more than the 32-bit limit?

Multiple bids

The variable holding the value of the combined bids should still max out at 2,147,483,647

it´s possible the variable for the combindes stuff was declared with a different data type… maybe stefan expeced the combindes stuff to be bigger then an integer, but failed on seeing that a single bid can get that big aswell

I lost 1 Billion food putting down my bid for food on the market and was never paid for it. Pie please fix it?


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