Flipmodes Dirty War

Screenshot 2022-08-15 172031

Screenshot 2022-08-15 135113

Having offered my 1 player family a NAP this turd of a person expoed my core pretending to offer help and support then broke the pact the moment portals were in.

Top family attacking SEVEN families down.

3 man family attacking a 1 man family.

3 on 1

we asked you not to explore our core and you explored all round our core?

I was asked for a shared expo clause on the NAP.

You expo our core.
We will expo your core.

They then expoed half the science and iron planets in my core, built portals and cancelled NAPstraight away.

Top rank family attacking SEVEN families below. Ouch!


Edit: Pie please stop antonymous play so I can tell which prick is targeting me every round.

Still I did fairly well :slight_smile:

1 player fam and ranked 4th player most of round until these cowards attacked.

You read my message wrong , It was a threat not an invite. But makes sense why you flooded my core before exploring mine

So let me get this right.

You offer me a NAP on tic one.

But then send me a threat on tic one.

I have 0% respect for you.

You have attacked a family SEVEN RANKS BELOW.

You have attacked a 1 man family 3 on 1.

I have no respect for such people, you are a total coward of player and liar.

I didn’t nap you to be fair and never would have. Most players fill their own cores before others we would have left you alone if you did that but don’t want you in our core.

Threat or advice take it how you want but you should have listened or clarified

Yeah we had a 72 hour NAP.

You expoed my core, built ports and then cancelled nap.

Whoever this person is be careful he is a full on liar!