Fleets no longer opening a new window

Currently on the fleet page when you recall a fleet it has a little drop down type thin that says something like this fleet has been recalled.

When you trigger a fleet though it opens a new page. So you either have to go back to your main military page for your next fleet or you have to open a lot of extra windows.

Triggering a fleet should cause a drop down as well. So you are not constantly opening new pages

It would also give you an easier easier way to compare battle reports. As they would all be on the same page

What wonderful timing! I just finished the groundwork for this last night. Check it out:

The page animations aren’t finished yet, but the main thing is there: attacking now gets processed without needing a page reload. Displaying battle reports in a more reasonable way is also part of this update.


It’s lacking polish, but it’s working. Bonus feature: attack warnings.

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Are you eliminating map backend with this feature?

What do you mean by map backend?

the links used in the fleet senders… https://imperialconflict.com/map-backend.php?what=attack&&x=124&y=141&number=6&unit1=1&unit2=1&unit3=1&unit4=1&unit5=1

Im just developing a tool with more options based around these links working, so would be cool to know if I should stop :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, yeah that will eventually be removed and replaced with an api endpoint.

In theory all tools will eventually be directly integrated into the game, but I have no idea when that will actually happen. So it’s a bit of a judgement call on your end as to whether or not you think it will be usable for long enough to warrant your development time.

:smiley: I shall continue with what I am doing purely for practice :smiley: If you see an end date please give a heads up.

i didnt read all here , just saw the video… and it seems this kills the fast fig raid ability

Yeah, that’s something I’d like to consider too. We can and should build out flows to make attacking as easy as possible for common attack scenarios.

As a reminder, that video is a work in progress and specific to this individual feature. It doesn’t represent the entirety of the revised attacking experience.

Could this be n option setting,under empire settings somthing u can turn off and on?

Possibly, at first.

However, we will eventually phase out the current interface entirely, just like we did with the 2016 upgrade.

Rather than disabling the new design, we should be thinking about how to improve it. It won’t be ready for feedback though until it’s actually accessible. For now this is only a preview, and it is subject to change before being released.

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Also, in case it’s not clear from the video: that warning popup is only meant to show if/when you’re about to automatically withdraw existing nap offers by attacking. Currently the game only tells you this after you attack, which is a bit too late to be useful.

For most attacks though, that warning popup will not happen.

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ok good, would be time consuming doing a raid if we had popup asking if we are sure we want to attack everytime.