FIFA World Cup Football 2018 - Russia

NOTE: I know there’s quite a lot of American players here, so just to avoid any confusion - this is not about American Football, but about the game everybody else calls football - you call it soccer.

So we’re almost through the first round of the World Cup in Russia. Some (big) surprises, some not so suprising.
All in all quite a great tournament so far. I’m almost over my heartache that Netherlands, and Italy are not competing, but Germany paid back those Swedish fckrs!

I’m watching a lot these days, really enjoying big tournaments like this. Anyone else here watching?

If so, what’s the best goal of the tournament in your view? I’d go for the 95th minute free-kick goal of Toni Kroos (Germany-Sweden).

I’m rooting for Belgium as this is my home country. Surprised Spain and Portugal played horribly and had a draw in both their games.

On paper we should be able to win but our defense is crap…

Belgium has a great team, amazing midfield and attackers. And Lukaku is on fire. But the team has weaknesses, and it’s running like a smooth machine… I consider the chance Belgium reaches the finals quite small.

I see Spain winning…

I would have been more interested in watching games if the US was playing. Still can’t believe they couldn’t draw against Trinidad…

Naahhh, they’re quite unstable. They’ll go out against a strong team.

Yea agreed, US should have been there too - would have been good for the growth of the game in the states too!

Brazil, Belgium or Spain imo :stuck_out_tongue:

My money is on Germany or France :wink:

My money is on Germany or France :wink:


Croatia will beat denmark, spain, begium and france in the final and take home the cup.

Croatia will beat 4 teams in the final? :thinking:

I didn’t know there was a new country called begium? =P

Anyways, my money is on Belgium

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Sweden winning their group was a huge shock. My Mexican colleagues were angry yet happy so far with Mexico’s showing. They won’t let knockout round though. Based on what I’ve seen so far, best chance is on Uruguay. Solid all around play.

Has anyone been watching the matches today? Omg what a surprises!!! Russia to beat Spain (wtf?!) and then the rather poor match between Denmark and Croatia… Jesus that was strange, bad football, but super exciting

England will get to the final, but then lose. dunno who will win tho :stuck_out_tongue:

how did denmark not get a red card for that tackle at the end?

Yea apparently if it’s considered truly a last attempt to play the ball or something, it’s not taking down a player heading to the goal, so it’s not a direct red card. I dunno, thats something that the guy from TV said yesterday.
I was also like: wtf? How is this yellow, and not a red card?

But then I was like: How did Modric not score this all deciding penalty lol

Its a new rule, to not double punish the team, a Red card and penalty at start of game= almost no chance to come back.

if foul was outside penalty area, and Denmark made same foul, theyd get REd card :smiley:

ah right, that makes sense

Shiiiitttttttt - I was hoping Japan woild win soooo much!

Tonights knock out round:

Switzerland - Sweden and England - Colombia!