Feedback Request

Our recent 2-Week Plan is coming to a close and I’m happy to say progress is going well. :tada:

It will soon be time to shift away from stabilization and onto actual game features. Here are a few considerations for things we can work on, taken from recent discussions:

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This can be feedback, ideas, suggestions, or anything you can think of that would improve your playing experience. Nothing is too big or too small.

We won’t necessarily be committing to everything on this list; rather, it will be used as a gauge of what is important to the players. From that, we will define, break down, and prioritize the work for the next 2-Week plan.

Thank you everybody for your participation. :muscle: :ic_happy:


Can you add some sort of political map thingy at the end of the round like I pretended to do for Andro43 (albeit screwing up the title by putting Andro44). But would be cool to have a way to review the round showing the rise and fall of families, and conflict zones

Or maybe just an easier way to put it all together, a way to get the family systems and getting them into a map image. My process is a bit long

  1. Use Family Systems in tools sidebar
  2. Get each families system list and copy and paste it into a spreadsheet which adds :99 to the end
  3. Copy and paste :99 list to IC Map, where each fam has a number of lists so they all have vaguely different colours based on IC Map’s 7 options
  4. Take a screenshot of the map and paste it into 3d paint then draw borders and colour in the insides
  5. Do this as often as I can be bothered and save it as a new file
  6. At end of the round take all images and use windows photo editor to create a montage video and add commentary
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  1. Add :99 to system list tool coordinates
  2. Make portal cost the same for single built from planet page (which includes NW penalty) vs multi built from planet listing (which exlcludes NW penalty)
  3. Add a possiblity to add notes to a planet. For example to identify transfers, or what to built easily

Currently when attack delay is lifted you need to log out and in again to enable attacks. Please make it instantaneous. No logging back in required.


Not sure if we are doing a wishlist but mass recall fleets by amount of unit would be great.


This is true for start of round too

Standardized coordinates format, request from years ago… (November 2017)

I think I even formulated it nicely back then, because I believe there are like 5 different ways coordinates are formatted in the game. Sometimes it suddenly uses different characters to seperate X and Y etc.
Which eventually all impacts the way internal tools work as well; as you have to manually re-format it (like distance checker, and old map tool).


Our planet 9 at x:99, y:99 was attacked by PLAYER
We have built X Buildings on 99,99:9.
We have explored the planet 9 in the 99:99 system.
PLAYER explored planet 9 in the 99,99 system.
One of our fleets has reached its destination for attack on planet 9 in the 99:99 system.

Just a few examples… Especially the switch from a comma between X and Y in one news message to a colon to separate those in another is very awkward.