Feature: Galaxy Graphs!


We now have graphs to track family progress in relation to their galaxy. An example is below:


You can swap out galaxy_id and family_id to see different views. A few notes:

  • This particular graph will eventually be built into the family pages directly.
  • Labels to denote family number will also be added.
  • The source data is currently by real-life day. This will be changed to by turn instead.
  • Galaxies that have ended slowly get messed up due to an issue with the data collection.
  • The bubbles will eventually display a family badge, which will be a smaller type of family picture.

More graphs are planned, and this was primarily intended as a test of of the D3.js graphing library. If you guys have ideas of how you’d like to see our game data, I’m all ears!

Rule the Galaxy! 2017 Week 32

I would like to see dropdown menus for x and y axis with following topics

Number of systems player is in
Production (gc / iron/ etc)
Cumulative total attacks done
Cumulative attacks on that player
Cumulative total ops done
Cumulative ops on that player
Cumulative msg sent / received


when it gets added to family page will you be able to just click another badge to have a pop up little bubble box type dealio with data revealed? possibly the data from what light posted… ?