Feature: fleet page improvements


Fleet actions are now buttons instead of links

This should make it easier to determine fleet actions at a glance.

On mobile, these are replaced with a dropdown. More info on that in the thread below:

Fleets can now be searched and filtered

For example:

  • by target empire name: “I like pie”
  • by target family number: “12345”
  • by action: “attack”
  • by unit type: “bombers”
  • by ETA: “0” or “T-0”

Fleets are now sortable

  • by fleet makeup
  • by destination
  • by ETA
  • by action

Other stuff

Searching and sorting can be combined. For example, filter your fleets by a target family and sort by ETA!

Your fleet’s search, filter, and sort state is preserved in between pages.

Feedback is welcome.