Feature: En Route Family E-Ships

It is no longer possible to collide with family members sending exploration ships to the same planet.

System View:

Mass Explo View:

Planet View:


It is a great idea, I am glad you got this one through.

War exploration has been significantly altered (mo ships, mo chances). I feel we need a chance to “beat” family member to planets in some cases.

Two options:

  1. The ability to override the warning.
  2. Once all planets have been explored - turn the new feature off.
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Just coordinate exploring blown planets better… each fam has one shot at exploring a blown planet… although I guess ability to override the warning wouldn’t be too terrible.

I like this one. I’m not a fan of hard restrictions but this new feature will save enough headache to be worth it.

Being able to override it would be the best of both worlds.

In a war the more people exploring the planets, the more chance a fam has of getting them. Hell even the amount of available ships is important. :slight_smile:

@Picklearmy @I_like_pie @Imperial_Conflict
Override is not exactly right.

I think “The choice to also send an exploration ship.” is a better way to say it.

(Black screen - voice over actor Jon Bailey reads:)
It’s 3AM…
@Mint and @IC_Death blow up 20p near your family.
Your Kazakhstani, -Inc, 40% LQ, No TO, Quantum, who always needs food (named “Shim”) is on.
Shim sends 47 hour fleets to the planets.

There are significant issues without the “Choice” button.
/me sits around for 10 days for this to become readily apparent.

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You have an override, just use old map :slight_smile:

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