Faster ticks? Shorter rounds?

I’m thinking, and gear me out. With the arrival of the faster ticks, which has been a request from many a players for years (cheers for IC!). We should also think about making those faster ticks, shorter rounds.

My thought process is that it would maybe intice older player who don’t wanna be stuck in a fam for a while month to come back and play a quick round here and there.

The trade off is, quicker ticks means things happen much faster, so you can get the same experience in two weeks that you would from a traditional round of four weeks.

The flip side is that, some people thin kthat the quick ticks are too time consuming. They dint have the time to check in every 15 minutes and the hour ticks give them more time to go about their day.

Last thing, maybe a sweet medium is 30min ticks (thinking this is possible with the new infrastructure in the code you wrote).30min ticks round lenght two weeks. Just a thought.

I think it’s a fair trade off. Faster ticks, shorter rounds. Traditional tick, traditional round.

Anyways my loyal subjects. The King has spoken.

It should be known; I just want something to talk about it’s probably already in the pipeline.

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