Family Map

To add easier coordination among families for both casual and hardcore players I think we should make the map not more of a community thing within the family.

As of now you can see the entire Family Council which is a nice addition from when I used to play.

Allow the family leader / vice leader to give different rights to players in the family such as:

  • “View Family Map”

    • Allows the family member to view the family map. This privilege would hopefully keep some
      spys at bay. You have to hopefully earn your family’s trust before they just give you access.
  • “Edit Family Map”

    • Allows creation and deletion of notes on the map.

This allows very active players to coordinate more with less active players. You could note planets you would like attacked, explored, portaled, spells casted on, etc. Leave notes about players that own those planets, etc.

If I think of more Ill add to it.