Family Forums VS. Discord

Are you all using family forums and on what capacity? Just kinda wondering for no reason atm

I personally haven’t seen family forums used in quiet a while, maybe it’s because of discord maybe it’s just because of smaller families size

Do you think it helps or do you find that the way channels can be setup with channels is better,

If you use either what do you use each for

Its nice to post infils in… but other than that not so much

The forum sucks, dont even use it for infils - more likely set up a shared google doc / sheet.

No one seems to use forums, but they do have better formatting options… discord is pretty poor for text formatting.

normally just ingame message any infil - planet coords for ease.

Pie an I were talking about doing away with the family forums in the future.

  • Kill it
  • Keep it

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Wellllll, seems just my general curiosity, had lead to the death of something

Pie an I was talking about this right before you posted. Relax.

Great just spent 10 minutes looking for the family forum and they don’t even exist anymore. What a bad choice that was!

China? Dont you mean West Taiwan?