Family bank

We need an actual family bank where players can deposit and withdraw from and have leaders and vls can set a daily limits on withdraws and control the bank. Players should be able to set a certain % of there income into the bank automatically as well.
This would allow players more freedom not being on right at tick change to aid in.
Allow all players to know war savings and jump savings at all times and allow familys to be more organized wile not having to be as active as others to do so

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Working out a system for comunal bank perhaps for VL’s and leaders only (power to the VL’s!) would save everyone a ton of real life time.

Vooooted yes. <3

does it decay?

how do you destroy cash/destroy iron a family bank?

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Like the idea. Destroying cash and iron can work like where it also hits stored on the market. It also hits stored in the bank. Makes it risky to use.

Could even make a new opp that targets the bank. Make bank have no decay but open to being opped to nothing.

All things to work out! =)

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I’m thinking a family bank feature would make play a little easier. A place where all family members can put their cash and resources and everyone can see what’s in the bank. It wouldn’t necessarily replace someone holding bank in every family but it could. It would also make it easier if something stops someone from logging on, etc. This way all family members can see what they have, plan easier, etc.

If you like this idea and want to see it happen, please vote for it via the “Vote” button in the top left of this page.

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Neverrrmind. Just started looking around more and saw someone already suggested this. Great minds :wink:


It’s all good. :slight_smile: We’re overdue on addressing this one.

There are some good ideas here about extra functionality that needs to be hashed out a bit.

  1. Daily(?) limits on withdrawals from individual players.

    • We should also allow leaders to specify players that can bypass this limit.
  2. Automatic income/resource contribution.

    • From net production, so players can’t bypass their maintenance costs.
  3. Should it decay?

    • Why or why not?
  4. Who should be able to op the bank?

    • This would be a custom race op, but should any of the standard races get it? Is it a spell or agent op, or both?

We need to answer these before moving forward.

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  1. Ideally would be able to set a limit for each player.
    That way leader or whoever is doing Econ can control the spending without having to tell each player what they can use each day or risk someone over spending.

  2. Option to automatically send to bank would be good, but making it mandatory could be annoying, especially if your trying to spread it out to protect from ops.

  3. Keep decay as otherwise it pushes people to use the feature for the economic benefit even if they didn’t want to use a family bank system.
    But I think we should consider removing decay from the game.

  4. This is tricky, you should be able to op it. But it would be simpler if you can’t op it.

If you can op it what defence does it use? Could make it the leaders defence or nominate a bank who defence it uses or some sorta family combined defence.
Op difficulty would need to be pretty hard as all the savings will typically be in one place.


DREAMWEAVERS v4.1 (Final, approved.)


An enlightened race of pacifists.
Widely renowned as non-violent and fair brokers of diplomacy and trade. The Dreamweavers use their great wealth and understanding of politics to subtly influence other races in all matters of planetary, and galactic significance. Their early near worship of portal and propulsion technology has served them quite well as they have looked to the stars.

It has not gone unnoticed by the other major races that the the agreements they broker always seem to favor the Dreamweavers in the long run.

Generate False Info
Reduce Food Production
Create Portal Force Field
Find Target Planets
Space Amazement
Destroy Iron
Sense Defense Station

Spy on Target
Plant False Info
Check Allies
Sabotage Portal
Investigate Portal
Planetary Infrastructure
Destroy Cash

Pop -30%
Income 40%
Research 15%
Attack -30%
Magic 20%
Speed 120%

Tax Office

New Spell!
With the collective focus of all the Dreamweavers Wizards, they are able to briefly transcend this reality and enter a dimension of pure energy!
(8 hour Pmode, castable on self - once every 48 hours)

New agent Op!
Due the penetratingly sane clarity of their philosophically advanced society, the Dreamweavers circumvent the usual matriculation of politics

(Dreamweaver is immune to Bureaucracy for 8 weeks).

DREAMWEAVERS v4.1 (Final, approved.)


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I’m not saying it will solve everything, but could be tweaked to represent a heap of issues you kats are addressing.

Leaders could set limits giving a “banker” ( this could be a role you assign to someone) or someone else the ability to bypass it to give out more as needed. Although the bank would still be view-able by everyone. I think it’s important that be pointed out for people who like to plan and be strategic.

I think having the ability to toggle this on and off or have an amount you can change is a good idea. For the same reason the bank is a good idea; it helps in the event someone can’t come on and the fam needs something.

I want to say no but that may just be me wanting to be greedy. I think people will argue that it should, at least the food because it is food. Is there opportunity there for people to use the bank to hide off stuff so it doesn’t decay or to play their stuff getting used/decayed? In that case I would say it would need to decay so it isn’t exploited. The bank could decay by a set percentage.

I haven’t used a lot of that stuff yet to be able to answer this fully, I think. I haven’t played all of the races. It wasn’t something I considered when I thought about this but thinking about it now… I would say it sounds like both to me. Banks could be hit by spells just like scientists and stuff are, that makes sense to me. An op also makes sense to me although that might make the game a little more unpredictable if you couldn’t op a bank and people couldn’t see what was in it. Then again there are things like false reports anyway. It sounds like something that could work well on a pax or quant to me but again, I don’t have extensive experience with the different races.

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  1. Daily(?) limits on withdrawals from individual players.

Personally I think this should not be something everyone has ready access to. I think a new role should be created to manage this along with the leader. Should be a limit on contribution

  1. Automatic income/resource contribution.

Ability for leader or new role to turn on or off as well as set the limit. I think there should also be an option to automatically fund players upkeep from the bank. No manual contributions as this could be abused with question 4.

  1. Should it decay?

Double or triple player decay rate. There needs to be a cost associated with this because of question 4.

  1. Who should be able to op the bank?

Nobody. With a set contribution cap and a double taxation on this I think this should be avoided. I think the cost association being double the decay rate is enough. This could go as high as triple if need be to offset.