Fam Pic Perameters

Have the Fam pic perameters changed?
I remember they had to be quite small ?
Been a while since I have added a fam pic
Thought a small pic with a link for Flickr would be fine but it would seem not

What happens when you try?

Also, welcome back!

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Just get a blank pic with a little symbol in the top left

Oh and good to be back

It looks like it isn’t a valid image URL. Make sure it has an extension like .jpg, .png, etc.

What are the Max dimensions and max KB ?

There is no limit. The linked picture is just resized to 250x250px when displayed on the fam page.


Ahhh. Remember the days when you used to link family pics to images from other websites, and the website owners would get pissed off due to all the traffic it created? Then they’d swap the images out for random porn images. Ahhh. Fun times.


Do you remember? All of the times we shared! (8)

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