Fam communication

So, I have another question. How important is fam communication. I understand with IA being a thing now fam communication should still be a priority but what if that Fam started with no communication? Does it kill activity? Does it warrant discord? Does it make it hard to work together throughout the round?

I’d Especially like to hear the @team opinion on this.

fam communication is to me maybe the most importan part. Without it we could just play supernova

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Huge, without a basic communication between family members we all might as well play stellaris.

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I only just started but from what I know of the game and what I’ve seen communication with your team is a large part of success within the game. It also adds to the experience IMO. I would say communication is worth your best shot.


Lol supernova!

I’ve been playing for years now, and I completely agree, the fam aspect is the most fun part…but if that communication isn’t there from the beginning then it becomes a problem.

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In the case of the Tortuga Nebula Thugs, they used an outgame forum for trusted members to communicate. It was the hacking of their forum in an early MW round that led to the deletion of a lot of players. The furor that incident instigated among a great many IC Players led to the legalization of drafting the following round.

Without communication in modern gameplay, it would be nearly impossible to establish a proper mix of bankers, resourcers and attackers, much less keep everyone properly supplied. Not to mention the infra jumps that could not be organized, or the sudden wars that would be a floundering mess.

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