Failed spells while you can’t cast

This empire is already suffering from a recent onslaught of Octarine Hurricanes; galactic law forbids us from causing more.
Your wizards failed to cast octarine hurricane, o mighty one! XXX wizards died.

Now why would my wizards event attempt to cast the spell if the galactic law forbids it? Kinda weird no? Should at least see that even before you try to cast a spell, or get the notification without the risk of losing wizzies…

Not just that.
That failed counted as 1x failed OH too.
So next time u want to cast OH, u only can cast 2x

No I don’t think that’s the case. It really only counts succesful OH’s…
Still silly that you can fail on the forth and loose wizzies while they obviously know they can’t do another one.

Serves you right, Hala!

You’ll still get them though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Still an issue of one a tick ahead is counted and you can’t OH 3 the next tick when you should be able to