Evolution of Empires Timeline


Should be a fairly simple question, but I imagine it may take some code digging and testing to answer with any certainty.

Once you evolve an empire, when does the empire’s attributes takes effect, and how complete are those new attributes?

For example, if my previous empire had a -30% magic bonus but my new one has a +30% magic bonus, do I get that bonus immediately, or does it not take effect until the following tick?

Same for attacking bonus. If the fleet is already hovering, which bonus is it using?

Or for exploration. If I send out an exploration ship with a 0% speed bonus but then switch races to a 100% speed bonus, or vice versa, does the ship’s time to landing get adjusted?


Do you know the answers @I_like_pie, or do we need to create a test galaxy to play it out and see how it all works?


No test galaxy needed. :slight_smile:

The effects are immediate. Once you evolve, the game has no awareness that it happened outside of reducing the number of times you can do it.

The bonuses used will always be whatever your empire currently reflects.