Er... forgot my ingame name


Okay… I like Jordan Peterson. Don’t agree with everything of his, or claim to understand everything of his. But I really like the way he speaks and talks to people. Very interesting character.

Also like Werner Erhard, but he’s very old.

What else… Love the Prodigy, listening to that most of the time now.

History with Imperial Conflict

I used to play when it first came out. I was at University at the time. So played the game with friends and family for the first 5 years.
I saw I had an email about this infinity galaxy, surprised the game is still around and being played. So I thought, lets give it a try. I’m not into hardcore gaming anymore, I like casual once in a while gaming.

I can’t recall names or anything from my past. So long ago.

Other Hobbies

Reading, parenting, home-educating, working, gym, etc.

Thanks for reading!

I like this new IC already. And I’ve yet to experience the start of a round.


Welcome back!

I also like Jordan Peterson, he’s quite articulate!

I hope you enjoy Infinitum. :slight_smile: It seems to have brought back a good deal of fellow oldbies.

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