EPL Fantasy Football

Its that time of the year again!

The EPL is nearly here again! It starts Saturday week. I manage a couple of fantasy EPL leagues at https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ if anyone wants to sign up. Both leagues run as head-to-head leagues so you play against one of the teams, and most points for the week gets the 3 points

  1. A standard point buy league with code: cdd3dp
  2. A fantasy draft league with code: 197674-51475

To join, create an account at https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ then create your standard team. You then can click “join league” and join the first league with the first code. To join the draft league either go to https://draft.premierleague.com/ or click the “Draft” tab on fantasy league website and then click “join a league” and enter the 2nd code above For the draft it will occur next friday at 9pm NZST (so 1 week, 11 hours and 30 mins from now), and we have a chat room.

Also a friend of mine and I do an irregular podcast on the EPL and occasionally cricket and a facebook group if you are interested…


I’m in :+1:

I’m in. So a league with ic’ers

A few ic players normally join up… but mostly it is friends of mine… but the more the merrier!