EoR Ranks and Stats

Pop to me is a slightly useless rank. You can find it out fast enough. Plus some people/families dont like to pop bank. The round might not be set up for it. Not the right mix of players in the fam etc.

For EOR rankings i would rather see who had the highest income across all metrics. Also who made the most total across said metrics. Who took the most planets from other families. Who expoed the most.

These would give a better idea of how a family/imdovidual did overall and would also give more insight into wether or not a play may or mat not be good in a specific role.


Trophys for everyone

Most units destroyed
Most units lost

Remember these rankings in a similar game.

While talking about adding rankings how about removing universal news. The 5 recent planet takeovers (not talking about the forum section obviously)

There are a ton of metrics that would be usefull at eor.

Highest net income please.
Gross is extremely misleading.

planet gained from other fams

Definitely should be removed! Especially since I don’t think it appears on the mobile site, therefore giving desktop vs. mobile players an intelligence advantage.

The uni news of five most recent conquers was fine when there were thousands of players and it changed minute to minute.

It appears on mobile too. Feedback on that feature is welcome in #support:feedback.

Let’s keep the convo focused here so we can potentially turn this discussion into actual #roadmap items. :slight_smile:

How would ‘across all metrics’ even be computed? A resource banker is very dependent upon market prices which can vary greatly. For that matter, even pop bankers often depend on the market for food.

The pop add in the fam page is kinda not helpful. Maybe allow people to customize their own fam pages in future?

I don´t see the how the pop helps… why pop? why not income? why not iron? why not endurium?
It would be kind of intresting to have income and iron rankings(or all other ressis)… but pop? I only helps the paxes to find their next victim (as any other ranking would aswell:)) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Population was already public info, just like nw and size. Resource production isn’t.

Exposing resource production rankings would have much larger implications. That’s not to say that we won’t ever rank that either, but given that it would expose previously private information for all players, it isn’t as simple of a change to manage.

So for EOR, what i would say is this

Gold-Highest net at eor, and most made in the round total
Iron- Highest net at eor, and most made in round total
Food- highest net at eor, and most made in round total
Oct- Highest net at eor, and most made in round total
End- highest net at eor, and most made in round total
Reasearch points- Same as above

most planets taken from another fam
most planets lost to other fams

Most planets expoed
Most time online in game

Just a few off the top of my head.

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My Hall of Fame (and everyone in my family) should have a gold trophy and family ranks in size, NW, etc.

MW is not a personal claim to fame galaxy. It is a family based theater in which role players will always suffer and not get a trophy. They deserve one…they helped win the round just as much as the guy doing the eor jump…


And my 3 member fam deserve much credit for coming in 2nd or 3rd whichever we come in. Good diplo and awesome attacking when it was needed ha ha


I deffo want to see income. Would be useful for people to compare bankers.