Ending Sirius 4 early

Do you want the round to end early?

  • End Sirius 4 round early?
  • Keep Sirius 4 running until the end?

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If I get enough votes, I will end the round on Wednesday or Friday. But please leave a comment on which day you want it to end.

Thank you.

I will count votes only from those who currently play Sirius 4. FYI

Early win, late win. We will take it eitherway :sunglasses:



I really love the set up of this galaxy, but this round didnt work too well.
try 6-7 player fams, 2 limit drafts. smaller systems too, so hard filling up that safety zone you gave us all :stuck_out_tongue:

apart from that I am defo up for playing the next round :slight_smile:

I’m kind of undecided, mostly because of my lack of experience, so I will accede to the wishes of my fellow players. :slight_smile:

The round will end tomorrow at 17 GMT (Wednesday July 18 17 GMT)

if you’re asking for more than 4 fams, i have to make new map which i think i can probably fit in 6 fams or 8 fams, according to equidistance. But round 4 was experimental and it didnt work out as I was hoping to gauze more players’ interest in joining and playing. Also, 6-7 players per fam may not be possible. So I will make it small until I’ll know there will be more players joining.

I will post poll on set up soon this week so you can vote on it.

Stick to the full dsave aft fams, but limit the size. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the people I choose, basically the people that make me enjoy this game (not meaning I don’t enjoy anyone else, but it eliminates the factor of playing with people I do not like)


I like the map layout, but make it have 8 petals and reduce the size of the core to encourage more fighting .

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Sounds like a pretty good idea! Distances were crazy on the previous map (like 70 ticks for a revalons :P)
Could be prevented like that

but 70 ticks is only 17 and a half a ticks :wink:

17,5 hours yea, thats ages in game… You can CPFF his portals, wait untill it’s down and then CPFF again in that time :stuck_out_tongue:
Or OB a planet 3 times with lasers :stuck_out_tongue: