___ End MW early?___

Due to a bad setup it seems alot of players would like reshuffel and a new setup/round MW.

If majority votes yes, it seems pie will make it happend.

  • Yes
  • No

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear in chat, but this isn’t true.

Just to clarify my stance on this: polls never guarantee anything. This is to gauge opinion on the matter.

As with any poll, the results will influence any decisions we make, but the poll itself isn’t the deciding factor.

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Reshuffle finally give the players from the bottom family’s a better chance of getting into a good family. What’s the draft rule 1 per family?

Astrological Milky Ways
A blunt for the purple haze
We got a little bit of sour and @toXinLT magic in our pocket and a bottle of rum
Try to steal it, hope you got you a gun
@Malin pass me the blunt
Get a glass, @RedLink is ‘bout to pop the Mot
Arourd us the ladies get so wet, no sweat
We are like a secret agent gettin’ our game on
Pullin’ dimes just like James Bond

See we are complex young men, bustin’ your portals till our triggerfinger jam
Sun so hot you might @skratch your head and he leave you with a sun tan
We quick as a Kawasaki, don’t act dumb with your fam
Cause tied behind our backs we could beat you with one hand
#6229 can do it even better, we could beat you with our third leg
You’ll get your wig peeled backand we be leaving you at a young age
And we be posin’ on the top of the EOR-size page
On a beach chillin’ out absorbin’ the @WhiteLightning and we be chillin’ with @TIF and the invincible army of the Sun-rays

I’m so straight, my life is okay
Fruits, vegetables, champagne and OJ
Piff-paff-puff-passin’ blunts, got a little chick that go both ways
Me and my crew just lampin’ the whole day
Eatin’ shrimp, pumin’ the O’Jays
Listening to Nas, Redman, KRS-One and Nicole Wray
Keisha Cole, old Al Jarreau tapes
Like I said before, little p-sized-brothers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , we so straight!

I got to go…I got a dinner date. Unfortunately with my parents! Peace! Sorry @I_like_pie every rule needs an exception and traditions are made to be broken hehe, plus this is not bookface material =P


this :point_up:

How do you know???

Now I been watching Jim Breuer’s alcohol sketch on repeat! =D

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I chose to end it early, because reasons. :yum: