Edit Races

I know that one of the reasons for not allowing edit races atm may be to do with races in use but here it goes.

Add an edit race option in manage races not just disable/enable. I have several that end x.x or are variations on a name and I’d much prefer to have a shortened list (not even fussed about deleting as oppose to just disable but that’s another one I’ll throw in). Do a check if race in use in active galaxy, if not allow edit/delete.

I have seen threads on re-using name and hiding disabled races from manager but to actually edit the race itself to make slight changes (outside of active rounds obviously) would be a huge QoL, especially with evolutions now in the game.


Love the idea, always disliked the fact you had to completely redo your race to change any aspect of it.

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Agreat race name with one mistake is a name never used

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