Earlier Round Start Time

As previous discussed I think it will be beneficial to everyone, especially us Euros that the round start earlier now. When you think about it, the first 5 ticks of a round are basically pointless anyway as the earliest buildings to arrive are CFs at tick 5. This leaves the first tick of the game solely there for casting SA and sending aid to bank.

Take my typical start timeline as a Brit:

Round start: 6pm
First buildings arrive: 11pm
Explos build: 12pm
Explos land (depending on distance): between 1am - 3am

For other europeans; add an hour or two to those times.

Now, if we were to put the start time back a couple of hours to 4pm GMT; the impact on those times for Europeans means that we don’t need to stay up super later to get that first build in. This will mean that at the furthest point across America, Californians will have an 8am start time; and looking ahead, Aussies will have a later start time but there are more EU/US players than aussies isn’t there?

Just a thought anyway. What do people think? The 6pm start time for UK and later for EU is a bit late I think.

If you would read your Discord you’d see my message saying that the round starts at 4pm instead of 6pm on friday, after discussing with the Captains and Pie.

Can confirm, did not read discord.

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What is all this about anyways? :rofl:

I don’t like staying up late to build my first planets so that I don’t fall behind :stuck_out_tongue:

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